Our Story

NextBest's story starts in 2018 when our founder started to learn all about the environmental and social problems that exist within the fashion industry. Between the underpaid garment works in Bangladesh to the 92 million tons of textile waste that are going into landfills every single year, she decided to start Refine LA, a pop up thrift shop at the UCLA campus, with 2 of her friends.

Their mission was to promote secondhand fashion and
create a space for those who also care about

fashion, thrifting,
 and social impact.

However, after hosting 8 pop-ups, cycling over 1600 pieces of clothes, growing the team to 24 students, and talking to over a hundred of other students, it was clear that there are tons of unused clothes & finding and cycling secondhand needs to be even easier. 

That's where
NextBest comes in.

Our goal is to build an online community for Gen Z's to learn about sustainable fashion and also shop, swap, and sell right in their local area. 

Our app is soon piloting at
@ucla @cornell @usc @uci @csulb!

If you want to get early access and be updated with our launch, you can subscribe here.

Join us, and let's build the best spot for sustainable fashion 🌎🙂

You can also get involved, or learn more about our impact.

A brand that you can trust. 

We're becoming a certified b-corp; a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose