A 2021 Recap

In the spirit of a new year starting, we thought we’d take a moment to recap on our own personal 2020 journey 🌱

We’re sure for most, 2020 was a year full of change, worry, and adaptation. NextBest faced nothing different.

In the grand scheme of things, the unexpected arrival of the Covid-19 virus brought worldwide health concerns, country lockdowns, and strict social distancing measures. Life as we previously known it was changed.

However, this doesn’t mean that good and even great things can’t stem from change. For example, although we had to pause our 2020 launch, the challenges of 2020 has forced us to re-ask ourselves what really matters in the grand scheme of things? Why are we doing what we are doing? and why do people need us?

The past few months have brought on this clarity. There are many problems in the world, there’s no doubt about that. Covid-19 has even accentuated more of these problems.

For us, this past year has not only brought to light the insufficient support that small businesses have, but it has also highlighted our society’s inability to recognize and prepare for inevitable catastrophes. As a result, our main priority has shifted into inspiring a community that cares about continuous improvements, a society that continuously thinks “what’s #nextbest?” With that, our ultimate mission this next year is to create and empower a strong online community that shares these exact same values. That’s how change starts.

(Runner up to that will be creating and supporting products that can support a better future of course! 🧡)

So as this new year kicks off, we’re happy to share that we have plans to do just that! Our goal is to not only gather a community of people that shares the same values that we do: trust, sustainability, and impact, but we also want to become a place that can inspire better consumer choices and talk critically about the future of fashion/commerce/and the world, whether thats through #conscious #secondhand #sustainable #tech #robotics or #pocled #smallbusinesses.

Get excited because we’ll be working on a new website update, kicking off a biweekly newsletter, creating more fun and informational content, and continuously doing research for what the future of fashion will be.

Life is full of ambiguity, change, and challenge, but at the end of the day, if you remind yourself why your company exists in the first place, it’ll give you the strength and resilience to continue on with that mission.

Here’s to working towards things greater than yourself, and here’s to making a better future! This is the mentality we’ll be carrying into 2021, get stoked! ☺

NextBest is on a mission to create innovative technological and social solutions that can push our society towards a better future.

Right now, we’re starting with the problem of sustainability within the fashion and lifestyle industry. Check out our shop for a curated selection of brands we support, or connect with us if you have any thoughts!


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