Sage Green: The New Neutral?

Sage Green: The New Neutral?

By Chris McDermott

The trending ‘sage green’ color has found itself all over our social media feeds in the form of clothing items, room deco, kitchenware, and so many other things. But what is it about this color that makes it so popular? The color itself is a dusty green with the texture being seemingly chalk-like. The tones of grey mute the green present, making it more neutral and a suitable substitute for sometimes one-dimensional neutrals such as beige and grey. 

My environmental psychology class taught us that colors have an impact on things such as behavior, moods, emotions, and performance. The color green induces a feeling of comfort and warmth, as it is often associated with nature which inherently possesses those traits. It is described as being healing, restful, and tranquil, which is maybe why I always feel so relaxed and tired when I’m in my room; my walls are green (or maybe it’s just sleep deprivation). The muted nature of the color also amplifies these feelings and introduces a subtlety that allows the color to complement its surroundings. The inclusion of sage green into an outfit or a general space therefore gives off such emotions for both the user and the observer.

Sage green products are not hard to come by nowadays. One quick search will lead you to thousands upon thousands of companies selling a wide variety of products in this color. As the sage green trend continues to become more popular, we must become more aware of the consequences of producing such things. These recent production increases of products in this color by multinational companies means great levels of resource use and exploitation, making the sustainable consumption of sage green products difficult in the current market. When shopping for your next sage green item, I recommend researching the company you are buying from and making yourself conscious of how you can shop more sustainably. 

Chris McDermott is a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Environment and Sustainability. He is passionate about sustainable development and the intersection of the fashion industry and environmentally conscious business practices.

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